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Accelerate efficiency across your agricultural supply chain with next-gen traceability and anti-counterfeit solutions.

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About Farms IQ

Modeled on the foundation of Blockchain technology, Farms IQ empowers agri supply chain by offering E-traceability, digital anti-counterfeiting and streamline brand protection and promotion.

Our Key Solutions

With inefficiencies and complexities influencing the movement of agricultural products throughout the globe, businesses can now leverage the Agrichain solution to track product inventory, fight counterfeits, and cement customer loyalty. Thereby building robust systems that can help increase productivity while enhancing business value.

Turn to FarmsIQ's industry-leading solutions for driving digitalization across your supply chain.
Enhanced Traceability
Enhanced Traceability
  • Anti-Counterfeit solutions for each product.
  • Traceability & Automation.
  • e-warranty for products.
  • App-based verifications at each stage.

Farms IQ provides the ability to identify the present and past locations of all the products across the supply chain efficiently. Ultimately, using QR-code-enabled traceability, helps manufacturers and retailers obtain a complete view of the complex product journey. By keeping a 24/7 track of the supply chain, Farms IQ offers a live dashboard of real-time data and secondary sales information.

Customer loyalty and rewards
Customer loyalty and rewards
  • Aids accelerate customer growth with effective loyalty programs.
  • Maximizes ROI through incremental sales that are driven by retailers and influencers.
  • Streamlines brand promotion and helps grow profitability.
  • Loyalty and retention.

Revivifying Rewards and Customer Loyalty Programs for enhancing the value of customer loyalty programs to gain efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance brand loyalty. With Farms IQ, consumers can receive rewards and points when they purchase your food product. Consumers can earn loyalty points by scanning the hidden tag. These loyalty points earned by a consumer can be redeemed on any of their next purchase in the future. This helps improve brand socialization, customer retention, and loyalty.

Brand Protection
Brand Protection
  • Holistic brand protection.
  • Eliminates counterfeits.
  • Smart phone validations of BRAND CONTENT and source of Origin.

Ensure the authenticity of the origin and safety of agricultural products by accurately tracking them at every node of the supply chain. Farms IQ helps fight fraud and counterfeits by obtaining a complete view of the complicated product journey. With Farms IQ, consumers can easily confirm the authenticity of the products by scanning the QR code and viewing the entire supply chain of the product, thereby ensuring anti-counterfeit of products.

Asset Digitization
Asset Digitization
  • Digital copies of each asset.
  • Transparent record of all transactions.
  • Frictionless trading and ownership transfers.
  • Driving Transparency & efficiency at every level of operation.

Farms IQ makes it easier to manage and exchange digital assets amongst different parties in a shared business network. Adoption of tokens and digital currencies are getting mainstream in today’s world. Farms IQ helps your agriculture sector in the journey of digitizing real-world assets in the capital markets by giving you a better understanding of how the speedy growth in demand for digital assets will evolve in the future.


Ecosystem partner for success

Farms IQ has partnered with Indian Chamber of Food and Agriculture (ICFA). Together, we aim to bring a revolutionary change in the agriculture sector

Solution Benefits

  • Facilitates brand protection and promotion.
  • Enhances traceability with QR codes and provides cost-efficient delivery of products.
  • Increases visibility across the entire manufacturing spectrum.
  • Helps track and trace the real-time consumption pattern of the retailers.
  • Incentivizes the retailer directly and maximizes the ROI.
  • Aids accelerate customer growth with effective loyalty programs.
  • Offers dashboard of scheme performance, secondary sales, retailers, and end customer registrations.

Use Cases

Lack of data flow in the supply chain
Use case
Lack of data flow in the supply chain

Leverage the flow of voluminous data to build a real-time integrated supply chain and drive innovation across your industry with Agrichain. Problem: Recurring fraudulent practices Lack of transparency in agri-food

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Use case
Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability As environmental concerns around climate change and global warming get louder, customers, governments and companies are pressurizing supply chains to become as environmentally

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Use case
Brand socialization and customer loyalty

Remould and enhance your rewards and customer loyalty solutions to gain efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance brand loyalty. In today’s world, businesses are at the

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