Lack of data flow in the supply chain

Lack of data flow in the supply chain

  • October 25, 2022
  • Admin

Leverage the flow of voluminous data to build a real-time integrated supply chain and drive innovation across your industry with Agrichain.


  • Recurring fraudulent practices
  • Lack of transparency in agri-food supply chains
  • Economic losses and eroding consumer trust
  • Delayed transactions due to lack of traceability


  • Agri chain eliminates the delay between an event occurring in the supply chain and its updating
  • Anyone with permission can view current inventory and financial information, which gets updated in real-time
  • Agri chain makes the interactions between suppliers, retailers, and consumers completely transparent
  • With easy QR code scanning, businesses can help consumers track products from “farm to fork”
  • Increases legitimacy, quality, and safety with the ability to instantly trace the product lifecycle